EARLY YEARS comics and cartoons (1981-1999)

I'm not embarrassed to show my first drawings and my bad works, the opposite, I find it's interesting to show how I have evolved since I started using the pen and imagination.

Because I spent part of my childhood drawing and imagining stories, I have accumulated a lot of drawings, but unfortunately I only retained perhaps less than 1% of everything I did (comics, illustrations, t-shirts, cartoons, posters ... ). In any case, I think all this stuff here will be enough to get an idea of ​​my first works.

(from oldest to most recent)

1981 - 1984

I think it was in 1981, when I was 5 or 6 years old and I made these early drawings (the camel and Santa, above) to a kind of representation of the Nativity made with cutout drawings.
Then followed the first comics (almost always humorous), where I copied the drawing style of other cartoonists (Ibañez-Mortadelo, Jan-Pulgarcito) to create a new story.

Back in 1984, when I was 8 or 9 years, I discovered how cartoons were made and I destroyed some books of my mother to experiment with silly animations. It was my first approach into the world of 2D animation. These are just a few of them... 

1985 - 1990

Comics made between 1985-87 (I was 10-12 years old). I used a black pen for inking and the stories used to be a bit funny but almost never ending. My ideas overlapped with each other and always started and abandoned because I had new stories in mind. It was very rare to finish something because I always was looking for another style of drawing.


I drew a lot in class, even asked me to draw posters or banners for school events. This (above) is part of a poster of an activity in my class.

Designs (above) with a clear influence of Superlópez for space opera barely started.

It was after 1989 when I started to be more productive and projects (stories and comics basically) were constantly evolving.
Based on the style of Jan and Ibañez I tried to create a style that was a mixture of both.

1991 - 1994

    First pages for a supposed parody of Robocop, and of course, I stopped halfway.

      Me, when I was 16, posing in my desk.

Almost accidentally, and without planning anything, I quickly drew this comic page (above) where Jubal appears for first time, a character later evolved enough.
Other versions of Jubal. A character that is a kind of Conan in a DragonBall universe, and of course humorous..

Some silly 2D animation tests I could rescue though I lost a lot of drawings..

T-shirt design  
      Pages of a funny story of Jubal, where the character (as the dr Slump) gets serious in some panels (he put the face of Conan or Superman). My God how many panels!   A comicbook (pages above) where my school mates and me are the superstars. To avoid all the time drawing cartoons of my friends heads I reused photocopied and pasted into other panels. The story was simple: A spaceship lands in a town and the crew telephones a high school to warn of a bomb threat (something very common in exam time). Students evacuated the building but the teachers stay and this time the threat was real and everything blows away.
Among the debris the ghosts of the teachers emerge and I, along with my mates founded a sort of ghost hunting to capture teachers. One of the teachers is the boss and sequesters one of ours. Then we find out where he is retained and we will look following the yellow brick road and dressed as if we were to see the Wizard of Oz.
After rescuing the friend, appears a fairy who grants us a wish. After 26 pages of absurd humor and hilarious I  leave unfinished story just when to finish a page missing. I did not get to finish it because I went to do military service.

Designs for the cover of stories I have written.

 Some T-shirt designs I made during military service.

1995 - 1999

            After military service I got to study drawing and painting seriously and I did these cartoons (pages above) to present them in the satirical magazine "El Jueves" (equivalent of Mad Magazine in Spain). It was the first time I used aniline dyes and airbrush to paint but the publisher told me that I was still green.
Alkalino (the black and white one) was my last comic.

Imagined character designs of the books of the Elenium saga.

Drawing based on an illustration by Boris Vallejo.
 Christmas Card Designs. Watercolour on cardboard (1998).

Christmas Card Designs. For this last one I used the computer for the first time and it was made entirely with photoshop. Was the year 2000.


I am a CG Artist specialized in Animation who also loves storytelling and all the creative process.
I have been working in almost all the disciplines in the CG industry since 2000 and this is the place where I share all my works since my beginnings before the digital age until the present.

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