I was 14 years old when I started to earn money drawing pictures for ads of some local establishments.

In 1992 I started to earn money doing
portraits and caricatures to all kind of people...


(1992-1995 PHASE AIRBRUSH) I bought an airbrush and I was learning how to use it when I started to make some portraits. 
I used mainly acrilic paint and colour pencils for the details such as hairs or eyes. The airbrush, paint and accessories were expensive but I recovered the investment after a few portraits.
I did a lot of portraits but I took pictures or filmed just a few of them.
(1997-2004 PHASE PENCILS AND PASTEL CHALKS) I was fed up of the airbrush and I started to use colour pencils and pastel chalks because it was more comfortable for me.
I did a lot of portraits with pencils but I never took pictures of most of them. These are just a few examples of them.

A video of me doing a portrait in my old studio.

(1992-2004 CARICATURES) I started to do caricatures of the teachers in class when a was 14 years old and a couple of years later some classmates paid me for a coloured caricature of him/her. In my youth I did hundreds of caricatures of my friends and colleagues but I also earned money doing caricatures of unknown people. These are just a few examples...

I used Photoshop and Painter and later I bought a wacom tablet but for these one on top-right I used only a mouse.


I am a CG Artist specialized in Animation who also loves storytelling and all the creative process.
I have been working in almost all the disciplines in the CG industry since 2000 and this is the place where I share all my works since my beginnings before the digital age until the present.

LAST UPDATE: Aug 05 2023