My contribution to the world of video games
consisted in modeling and texturing characters,
backgrounds and props,  basically.

I worked during a period of 2 years in total...

Legend of the Dragon
Year of production: 2005-2006
Distribution: On Games


Developer Team: FreakFrog
Company: Sherwood Media

TEXTURES: I did all the textures of the whole game. The textures had to adapt to the aesthetics of the 2D animation series in wich the game was based but the final look had to be in 3D.
MODELING and RENDER: I did all the main characters in high resolution to make the covers and the packaging of the game. I used big textures for these models because I had to do renders in very high resolution.
ANIMATED LOGOS: I did two videos with animated logos of the company On Games. 

I textured all the characters of the game (around 30-40 models) but I used as a reference the 2D characters from the animation series.
The look had to be something between 2D and 3D with clean and saturated colors.

I textured all the props of  the game (around 80 models). Here are just a few examples.

I textured all the backgrounds (6 different worlds). I had to do 3 versions of the textures: rgb, normal map and specular map. Once the background model was in the game engine, you could see the result.

I had an absolute freedom to do all the designs of the textures of the backgrounds. I barely had no references or any concept art. I used a lot my creativity and imagination. Was unusual but quite cool for me.

These are the high resolution models that I did for the cover of the game and some posters and banners.

Sequences of the animated logos that I did.


Year of production: 2005
Distribution: On Games

Developer Team: FreakFrog
Company: Sherwood Media

TEXTURES: I joined this project when it was already in production but I did the textures of almost all models appearing in the game. The game was pretty classic,  the models received no light in the game engine so I had to paint the lights on the textures to give volume to the models. There was also very specific resolutions to use for textures for each object. I was about 4 months working on the project and had enough freedom to paint many of the textures the way I liked but also I got a lot of concept art as a reference. It was very interesting.

The textures had to be optimized in just one file and in a specific low resolution. (64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512).


Monster 4x4
World Circuit
Year of production: 2004
Distribution: Ubisoft


Company: Traumatic Studios

MODELS, TEXTURES, RENDER and COMPOSITION: I collaborated extensively in the intro of the game. I did everything except the rigging of the cars and the animation. The storyboard and layout was already established and I was responsible for modeling in high-resolution everything, I did the textures, lighting, render, fx and composition.
It was used xsi and mental ray.



I am a CG Artist specialized in Animation who also loves storytelling and all the creative process.
I have been working in almost all the disciplines in the CG industry since 2000 and this is the place where I share all my works since my beginnings before the digital age until the present.

LAST UPDATE: Aug 05 2023