BOLIGRAFIES - Ballpoint pen drawings (1995-1997)

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It was in 1995 when I enrolled in an Art school in Barcelona and ,during the summer, I worked at the reception of a campsite in l'Estartit (Costa Brava). I got bored quite often because I wasn't busy most of the time and there was no internet, I could only read, listen music or draw. 
One day I drew with a ballpoint pen a deformed guitarist (it was the time when I was listening  hard rock and heavy music and that due to influence).
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At first, I filled the sheets of paper without having an established idea and drew directly without sketching anything. These early drawings are totally spontaneous, but I remember I liked the idea of ​​drawing the figures without skin, because it was more visceral and it got a grotesque naturally.

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At that time I was 20 years old and I don't remember exactly what was going on inside my head (maybe a late puberty?), maybe there was some influence of HR Giger. I don't know. Now I see these pictures and I think that could be some designs for tattoos quite acceptable.

The drawings were becoming more complicated and at one point I started to make pencil sketches and guides to get a good composition. When the reception desk was too small I had to continue on the desktop I had in my room.

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First tests to practice the technique in color

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Then I used an airbrush to paint the background of the picture.

Tests with watercolors.
Experiments with hidden faces.

In 1996, before starting the new course, I bought a cardboard of 100cm x 70cm and I made my last drawing.

Throughout the course, during spare time, it was like making a puzzle of 5000 pieces, but instead of putting pieces I filled drawn parts with small stripes.

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When I finished, I decided to paint the background with an airbrush to give a little more life, so I took it to the studio I had in my town.
To do this I had to cover the entire drawing with clear adhesive paper and then, with a cutter, I cut carefully all profiles of the drawings without damaging the cardboard. When I started to paint with airbrush I was very carefully because I was afraid of ruin a year of work and had to remove the masking tape without knowing exactly as had been the entire drawing. I got luck and it was right at first try. I was satisfied:)

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This is, without doubt, the pen drawing I did with more symbolism.
The body of work represents the passion.

You can see some of the meanings below:

The table is symmetrical because it symbolizes what we want is a reflection of middle part of ourselves (the cliche of the better half)

Maybe someday, when retired, I will buy a cardboard even bigger and I'll do another puzzle, a mean another drawing with small stripes;)

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